The Learning Circle were engaged by Little Marketing to develop a comprehensive suite of Learning and Development offerings to build people capability and support their growing business.

To commence this piece of work, stakeholder interviews were conducted with leaders across Little Marketing to ensure a thorough understand of development needs and key capability gaps.

Based on this understanding, The Learning Circle developed a series of career plans for team members and ran ongoing development programs to support the realisation of these development goals including programs focused on leadership, communication, time management and presentation skills.

The Learning Circle continue to provide HR support to Little Marketing, helping to develop their leaders through group and individual coaching sessions and on-the-job training.


Hear what past participants have to say about their learning experience:

Working with Vanessa and her team at The Learning Circle has been a truly rewarding experience. Vanessa’s relaxed and down to earth approach enabled us to build rapport and get to the important issues of building out the people capability framework to support our growing business. Vanessa’s pragmatic approach meant we were able to implement processes that supported the team in their roles, without making them feel overwhelmed by the change process. With Vanessa’s help, we’ve created such a capable and engaged workforce, and I would strongly recommend Vanessa and The Learning Circle to any organisation looking to embed key people capabilities.

Michael Kava, Director, Little Marketing

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